B050517, 2017, ink on PVC canvas, 280 x 470 cm

B020517, 2017, ink on PVC canvas, 280 x 470 cm

The Astana Paintings

Bebot Timeline

BeBot is a swarm of robots built for the Astana Expo2017.
They were made robust and smart as they will perform continuously for 3 months.
I have also favor the performance elements, such as walk, led color lights and sounds, as well as an easy assistance.

Each robot detects its own color (blue, red or green) and reacts to it. To start the process they make some initial lines if color is not found for a certain period of time. This means that when the canvas starts to be filled with color the random behavior stops.

In such a fashion small groups of robots from 4 to 9 can generate unique paintings based on emergent behavior and stigmergy.

The exhibition “Artists&Robots” was curated by the Parisian Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand Palais and it will take place at the New Art Center of Astana. It opened the 10 of June.

BeBots in Mode B (pen always down)

Main partner
Behind Solutions (ESI Group)

Other partners

garage museum