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“Leonel Moura coined the term swarm art and was the first to identify a new kind of art based on swarm behaviors (i.e., flocking, foraging and stigmergy). The pioneer artworks were mostly inspired by ant behaviors and Reynolds Boids system (1987)”
in Swarm Systems in Art and Architecture: State of the Art
Mahsoo Salimi, Springer, 2021

“Leonel Moura’s Artsbot can be considered within a lineage of drawing machines that includes Jean Tinguely’s mechanical Metamatics from the 1950s, Harold Cohen’s Aaron computer program, initiated in 1973, and Roman Verostko’s Derivation of the Laws, 1990.
What distinguishes Artsbot from these works is that it consists of simple autonomous robots that collectively respond to each other and their environment to generate emergent complexity, a fundamental principle of scientific research in artificial life and synthetic biology. “
in From Pygmalion to Ping Body
Edward Shanken, Flash Art, 2017

The video “They” is an announcement of what is about to come.
Robots with embedded AI will interact with us and perform numerous tasks more effectively than humans.
The creation of images, music, and video montage was entirely done by AI.
Here is a small excerpt. The original video is much longer and looped.

Grand Palais, Paris
Bebot installation at Grand Palais, Paris, 2018 [photo by Aldo Paredes)
Swarm of robots that paint stimulate by sound
RAP (Robotic Action Painter) at the American Museum of Natural History, New York


ISU, the poet robot, can write letters and words
A robot with two different marker pens
A robot that observes the human viewer
The pen is always down
Ant-like robots able to work collectively.
Text here.
My first autonomous robot
First art works done by a robot
First art works done with the Ant Algorithm (2001)