Robotarium São Paulo

Robotarium SP

An original version made for the Itaú Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil in 2010.
The robots’ morphology is quite different from the animal-like forms of the previous versions, and for the first time the species are endowed with the ability to communicate by sound. The SP in the title refers simultaneously to São Paulo and to Sound Performance.
The set is a celebration of the new artificial life: robotics. But it also aims to be an artwork of its time. Dynamic, different, singular. Detached from the human who set the process in motion. Which I imagine to be the essential mechanism of artistic creation from now on, i.e., not so much making things, but creating the environment for things to make themselves.
An art form that finally is dedicated to what really matters: fabricating life.
Robotarium SP involves five robots of the genus Automata. They are totally autonomous, they collect energy from light by means of their photovoltaic panels, interact with viewers and display diverse behaviors. They emit sounds.